Terms and Conditions

  • These products will give you a report based on a set number of tests we run and will point out issues with your website which you can in turn use in whichever manner you please.
  • Reports can take up to 7 working days to complete depending on which product you bought
  • This will NOT fix nor improve your site without extra action from your side. We will aim to educate you and help you with understanding what might be seen as issues and what not.
  • This report is also a once-off product, once payment has been received the report will be put together and sent to the provided email address. It will explain as much as possible to make it possible for you to engage with a web developer or consultant to further improve your site.
  • Check my site will and can in no way be held responsible for any loss in ranking or any other events on your website.
  • Check my site does NOT tamper with your website code, hosting or structure the test we run are purely based on the information presented to the web as it would any normal visitor.
  • The report you receive is final and no amendments will be made afterward.